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14'0" x 23" - 230/L

14'0" x 24" - 240/L

14'0" x 26" - 260/L

This Race board is a flat-water speed machine. It is simply fast and stable. Pivot turns are easy to make and the advanced rocker helps to keep speed in flat water, but also when the chop comes up. It has an excellent tracking, so you can get more strokes per side before changing, meaning more strokes per minute, and greater average speed. The board is amazing stable, so you can transfer every stroke into maximum speed. You would not expect, but when you have a good sense of balance the board will be enjoyable at a down winders. Siri Schubert became 3rd at the SUP 11Cities on this board.


Light Weight EPS CORE

Full Wrap Biaxial Carbon Fiber

High Density PVC Deck Reinforcement

2 layer Biaxial Glass Rail Reinforced

Extra Full Wrap Fiber Glass






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