AirRider 12'6" x 28"

Length : 12'6"
Width : 28"
Thickness : 6"
Fin : Single US Fin Box
  • AirRider are made of heavy duty PVC material, with high quality drop needle and a multi-layer construction. The core features thousands of fine polyester threads connecting both deck and bottom. It is creating a strong link that can be inflated with higher pressure then most boards in the market.

    • Towing D-ring on the nose.
    • Max 23 psi / 17 psi for normal use.
    • Best Quality US Fin Box
    • Bungee deck lacing with D-ring
    • Textured Traction Deck pad
    • Military Valve for inflation
  • AirRider 12'6" Inflatable Board
    Fiberglass 3 Part SUP Paddle
    Back Pack(Luggage System)
    2-Way Performance Pump
    9" Fiberglass Race Fin

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