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48cm x 18cm

The B-52 is our latest long range paddle that will last you for a long term of use. Named after the B-52 bomber, this paddle incorporates the most advanced one piece construction method that forms the blade and shaft from a single mould. This equates to a stronger and lighter paddle as no reinforcement is needed unlike other older method of paddle building. 100% carbon fibre is used in our process to build this high performance paddle. The B-52 has an anti-slip satin finish and have been approved by IDBF for competition use. Our license number 3561 is the latest to be added in the certified manufacturers listing. Get ready to drop the bombs.


• 100% carbon fibre twill 

 • Currently the lightest dragonboat paddle in the market (± 330g uncut)

 • Seamless one-piece construction

 • Light but strong for effortless recovery yet strong enough for the beefiest catch

 • IDBF 202a certified - License No. 3561

 • Matte satin finish

 • Designed in Holland


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