Since many years we are famous because of our durable Soft Boards, with their advanced shapes. The boards are basically made like a regular surfboard, only has a soft skin. This makes the board suitable for school and teaching activities, but with such a good shape that even the instructor likes to ride it. The new-retro tri-color designs looks amazing and is available in 2 color ways. The durable foam at the deck has a non-slip crocodile skin, so will not need any wax. The rubber fins, go through the non-leak holes and the board has a regular leash plug, just to mention some of the features of our Soft Boards.

6'0" / 7'0" / 8'0" / 9'0" / 10'0"

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The Aquifer is range of SUPs specially developed for school activities. They are hard at the inside and soft outside. It prevents from damage on the body and on other board. The boards are made with a crocodile non-slip deck and a high density EVA rail, so you are able to enjoy the boards for a long time.

8'6" / 10'6" / 11'6"


The Aquifer P-tech SUPs are specially developed for school activities. The board is wrapped in a very strong polycarbonate and durable skin. It will prevent the board from breaking and cracking in heavy conditions. It has been made with a crocodile non-slip deck. A board that will last for many seasons. The ideal SUP for schools and rental places.

10'6" / 11'6"

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