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14'0" x 28" x 6"



The AirRider 14ft inflatable is a solid performer across different SUP environments. Its high rocker nose copes well with surf and white water, while its glide, tracking and top speed are pretty good. A top notch, wheeled bag and super high-end fin complete the polished look. If you’re a paddler who does a lot of overseas racing then the Aqua Inc AirRider 14ft could work as your travel companion Alternatively it’s a good iSUP for skilled paddlers wanting kit for both race and touring. It’s fun on downwind runs and even handles proper waves with suitable aplomb








Traction Deck Pad, High Quality dot deck pad with Kicker at tail.

High Quality composite Dropstitch provides a high tensile rigid core. Which will hole pressure of Max 23 Psi.

Airtight Coating , the layer were fused with dropstitching stage, to avoid glue errors and reduce weight

Rail reinforcement, Heated Laminated pressed seam create airtight waterproof seal

Extra Layer Rail Reinforcement, to create extra durable of the rail.

Soft Neoprene Carry handle.

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