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9'2" x 31" x 4"



The AirRider 9.2ft is a seriously rigid piece of equipment. Couple this with its proper fin boxes and you have a pretty unique looking sled. While fine across flat water, for lighter weight paddlers, we felt the AirRider comes into its own when on a wave. It’s one of the few inflatables that can be ridden properly in swell, that rigidity doing its level best to eek every bit of carving efficiency out of the board. If you’re searching for a SUP that covers flat and wavy environments, with a slight slant towards surf, and still retains the advantages of a blow up, then Aqua Inc’s AirRider 9.2ft will certainly be a good fit.








Traction Deck Pad, High Quality dot deck pad with Kicker at tail.

High Quality composite Dropstitch provides a high tensile rigid core. Which will hole pressure of Max 23 Psi.

Airtight Coating , the layer were fused with dropstitching stage, to avoid glue errors and reduce weight

Rail reinforcement, Heated Laminated pressed seam create airtight waterproof seal

Extra Layer Rail Reinforcement, to create extra durable of the rail.

Soft Neoprene Carry handle.

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