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Aqua Inc. is all about the Passion and Spirits for Stand Up Paddle boarding.
We born on the Water, we live and breathe with stand up paddle Boarding. If we are not out on the water riding our paddle board we are working hard on Designing and Shaping your future board.
Our Team is part of the passionate stand up paddle board movement taking out the exciting sport to new extremes in performance paddle surf, racing and recreation.
Our main target to provide affordable, High Quality and durable Stand up Paddle boards for SUP lover, surfers and pro’s
A board you can enjoy for a long time.
No matter, what you demand, Surf, Flat Water or Ocean Down winding, we will have a board, which meets your requirements.
As part of the Aqua Inc. , we also service other global well known brands with our dedicated team. Whether you order 1 or 10,000 boards in your own brand and shape, we will do our utmost best for you.
We would like to welcome you on Board of a Aqua Inc. Board and are always delighted to receive your great action pictures by email or through other media.
Stay stoked and Enjoy !!
The Aqua Inc. Global Team


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